HA1AH Contest Evaluator 2.0

Last updated: 2008. April 03.

IK3QAR's mail to contest organizer of HA-DX contest:
Any other contest committee should follow your example. Thanks very much!

73 Paolo

HA1AH Contest evaluator is a radioamateur contest evaluator suit with the following features:
  • Receives e-mails containing Cabrillo (for HF Contests) or EDI (REG1TEST  for VHF/UHF/SHF contests) format radioamateur log files (other formats can be added, too).
  • Gets the log files on a web home page by file upload or content paste
  • Provides a handy WEB based manual log editor for radioamateurs who can't or don't want to send special log files
  • Immediately sends response on the received logs containing calculated result and error codes
  • Executes cross check among the submitted logs
  • Executes check against a generated callsign database
  • Provides the possibility to send e-mails to the radioamateurs who participated in the contest
  • Provides manual log editor for the contest organizer
  • Provides interesting statistics on the submitted logs, list of comments (Soapboxes) on the web page
  • Generates result text files
  • ......
HA1AH Contest evaluator is intended to be used by contest organizers.
All parts of the software suit are developed in Java 6 therefore can run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS, ....
The software runs on Windows XP for HA-DX contest, on Ubuntu Linux for PACC contest.

Note that the GUI part of the system can run on other computer than the computer of the Core System. This means the members of the contest committee can have access to the system via the Internet from home, from other city or even from other continent.
Any computer with running JRE 1.6 or higher. Recommended memory is 512 MB, at least. About 10GB free disk space is needed, too.
To receive e-mails containing Cabrillo file as attachments you need to have a POP3 mail server with a valid e-mail address.
To send automatic replies an SMTP server is also required.
Currently the software is used for the following HF Contests: HA-DX, PACC  and the following VHF/UHF/SHF Contests: Magyar Kupa (Hungarian Coup), HA VHF Contest, HA VHF Championship, but can be extended for any contest very easily (within a week since the software has a plug-in architecture.)
There is no download version since each instance of the software is very contest specific. If you are interested in getting HA1AH Contest Evaluator please contact me via the following mail address:

To develop a new contest plug-in I need valid contest rules.

The guiding price of the software is €400 which includes
  • the software itself
  • remote installation by SSH or something like that (if you need it)
  • remote supervision during the first log acceptance period after the contest.
  • required smaller changes
  • software updates

The price above is for the very first contest only. For the second, third... contests the price of the contest specific extensions is much lower, of course.

The software suit consists of 3 main parts:
  • The Core System containing the following services: e-mail receiver, log evaluator, database, e-mail sender
  • The GUI desktop application intended for contest organizers
  • The WEB interface for contest participants (radioamateur stations) providing the following features: log file upload, manual log editor, password protected view of evaluated own log; always up-to-date log statistics, comment (Soapbox) list, list of used contest softwares

This process is called pre-evaluation.

This process is called detailed evaluation.