Dear Contester,
It was only a month ago that we posted the list of plaques of last year's contest and now it is high time to remind you about the upcoming HA-DX Contest to be held
21-22th January. Last year we received 2287 logs, so we can expect a nice contest again with lots of HA stations and others from around the World.
To facilitate contesting for young operators, this year we shall introduce a 6 hour category for them, similar to the YOTA contest. This may help them to enjoy the contest even more.
Now we kindly invite you to join us and take part in this nice event.
We would be more than glad if you could remind your HAM friends/community to take part in HA-DX.
All information is now available on our official web page:
Hope to see you on the air!
73 HA-DX Contest committee