Dear Contester,

The Hungarian Radioamateur Society invites you for the upcoming HA-DX Contest on 20-21/Jan 2024.

Last years increasing number of participants made possible to pass the 2000 received logs barrier in 2022 contest. Building on this increasing activity beside the usual SB, AB and 3band categories, the following rules have been updated, introduced:

- increasing the potential fun factor in SSB, from 2024 the self-spotting will be allowed in every category

- to increase the logging accuracy, in case of wrongly logged serial number, instead of 0 points, it will be penalized with a deduction of twice the points value of the contact

- Stations competing for World and Continent awards must provide actual frequencies for all contacts in the log as well as audio recording of the contest (similar to CQ-WW-DX rules):

Record the transmitted and received audio as heard by the operator for the duration of the contest operation. The recording must be in a common format (e.g., mp3) and should include the audio to each ear as a separate channel. The recording must be a continuous recording (not a recording of individual QSOs). Time “off the air” (when not transmitting or receiving) does not have to be recorded.

The recording may be requested by the Committee to help adjudicate the log. The recording files must be provided by the entrant within 5 days of the request. Failure to submit a requested audio recording may result in the reclassification of a log entry or disqualification.

Detailed rules can be found on the following link:

All major contest logging SW support HA-DX.

Hope to meet you in Jan 2024.