2013. Soapbox

P/B 3432

7M1MCY: I enjoyed the contest. 7N2UQC: I was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig:IC-7600, ANT:Dipole A65BD: SORRY ONLY A SHORT TIME TO OPERATE THIS YEAR DC9ZP: TNX and Vy 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP DD2CW: Only 2 hours of time a lot of qrl,hope to have more time next year. DE2UAA: Generated by "SWL Cabrillo" - (c) SP7DQR DF1HF: Nice Contest, FT-817 5 Watt and Dipole. Was fun. Thanks for your good ears. DG2FDE: special tnx fr those who have the patience to listen to smaller statns DJ3GE: QRP 5 Watt from FT-817 via tuner Z11 to off-center-fed dipole, 21m long - 8m high SU/DJ5IW: QTH: Bonne Vie Rent Residential, 6.October El Fardous City, Egypt DJ6TK: Good Contest, worked a lot of friends DK3CW: Nice contest, medium condx. RIG:FT-817ND, 5W; ANT: 40m end-fed longwire 10m abt GND, 141m ASL Hpe to cu nxt year agn! vy 73 de Jakob DK3CW DK4WF: I herby certify that in this contest I have operated by my transmitter within the limitation of my licence and that I have observed fully the rules and regulation of the contest. All the databases in my log are true. I confirm this..Vy 73 best DX, cuagn.. de Ben DK4WF DL1ARJ: Rig: K 3 Ant: KT34a, Dipole DL1THB: tnx fer nice contest. Harald - DL1THB DL2LFH/P: Not quite a "full house" - districts KO and VE proved elusive. Only heard KO once, but could not work it. Hard going in particular on 80 m, no HAs heard at all on 160, 15, and 10. DL2ZA: TS 850 S - 2x 19,5m - Doppelzepp - Höhnerleitung DL5CL: Ten Tec Eagle 40m lw DL5KW: Bad conds! DO6PS: Nice Contest and also good condx on 80m. Cu next year. Vy 73 de DO6PS, Philipp, 15 years old (SOSB 80m CW LP) DU7HF: Rig: ic-725, 70-Watt Only. With Di-Poor Wire Antenna, 7-Yard Up EA2DT: SOSB SSB LP EA3ESJ: I was funny much EA3KT: Bad propagations in 10m I enyoyed using SD programs EI5KF: Really enjoyed the contest. My first time. Will be back again next year. Thanks ER1RPF: Thanks for contest! EW7LE: Yaesu FT-450AT EW8DX: TNX 73! EW8OF: 73 EW8OG: 73! IC-746pro 80watts F1EPQ: Rig : Yaesu FT-897D - Antennas : ZX GP3 - G5RV Lite - Autotuner : LDG Z11 Pro Many thanks to the Hungarian Radioamateur Society and to all participants F4GFT: I had more luck this year than the last time I participated! F4GVP: Nice contest, ts570d 100w on a vertical dipole. F5JFU: Nice week-end in the shack. TNX everybody! F6AUS: WINTEST THE BEST F6FYA: As evrey year, this contest is allways great. Condx were better on saturday butpropagation failed with heavy snow on sunday. See u next year. The ALBERT'S TEAM ! G0DCK: JUST A FEW HRS TO GIVE SOME POINTS. G0OKF: enjoyed same SD worked well G2HDR: Good contest, but slow start Conditions fair SD used for logging, good software G3GLL: SD worked well. Band conditions good G3TXF: Fun chasing around 80m and 20m looking for the 20 HA multipliers. G3ZGC: Enjoyable. G6CSY: Running QRP 5W from an IC-7400 to a ground-mounted trap vertical. Limited time so decided to work HA stations on CW only. HA0GK: Rig: FT450 AT 80 Watts output Ant: GPN4B vertical for 40,20,15 and 10 m Ant: Dipole for 80 m HA0HW: ...csak antennam lett volna... hi 73 de Laci HA0LG: FT-950, 100W, Dipol, 4 element YAGI HA1WD: FT990 + W3DZZ + 17 ora versenyido HA1ZN: Sajnos a hófúvás miatt nem tudtam megközelíteni versenyállomásomat, ahonnan HG1A hívójellel, összsávon szerettem volna megcélozni a 2000 QSO-t. szombat reggel eldőlt, hogy a szőlöhegyi QTH megközelítése nem lehetséges. "Otthoni" QTH-n csak egy padlás dipóllal rendelkezem 20m-re, amit vasárnap reggel egy padlás ablakon kidugott pecabot GP-vel próbáltam javítani, mivel a közben olvadó hó sokkal jobban leárnyékolt, mint az első nap. TS-870 és 500 watt ezzel az antennával ennyire volt elég. Egy-egy rövid EU "osztás" azért így is kialakult. Köszönöm a Partnereknek a QSO-kat! HA2G: CONTROL LOG HA3OD: rig: FT990 + pa 300W ant: 160m dipol; 80-40-15m pyramid; 20m: vert.; 10m 5/8L vert. HA4FY: Rig: Home made QRP, 3 watts. Ant: Dipole HA5AQ/P: QRA: Jászszentandrás, Dudás u. 26. KN07CO HA5FM: Ugró Gyula sor 7.VI.40 HA5OAA: - HA5STS: CHECKLOG ONLY HA5T: Kellemes szórakozás volt. Kár, hogy a microHAM-om nem működött, végig kézzel adtam. A 14 MHz-es delta loop hozta a várt formáját. 160m-en akkora zajom volt, hogy nem tudtam venni, az a sáv városban öngyilkosság. HA6NL: ICOM756pro + 300 w 3 el yagi dipoles HA6PJ: Köszönöm a QSO-kat, a terjedés lehetett volna jobb.73,DX! RIG: 80 WATTS INV.VEE HA7I: Jo verseny volt, sok magyar resztvevovel. A terjedes nem kenyeztetett el bennunket. SOSB 80M RIG: Pic-A-star+PA 700W, ants: horizontal delta loop @ 10m, + K9AY, N1MM contest log. Tnx for QSOs, 73, Laci-HA7JTR HA8BE: Rig: FT-990 Ant: Vertical (28m), 8el.log. per. Jo verseny volt! HA8KW: 5W QRP, ANT: Half Sloper (160m), sloping dipoles (80m, 40m), 3el 3-band Yagi (20m-15m-10m) Nem volt olyan terjedés, mint tavaly, ezt némileg ellensúlyozta a meglepően nagy aktivitás. HA8PK: Rig: FT-757GX Ant: Dipole HG0D: FT-920 FT-890 5 el Yagik.Dipol 21-28 Mhz yagi SWR-e elment..Nem lehetett használni. 160 m antenna hiány miatt kimaradt.. HG460EV: TX: 40W RX: FT101EE Ant: Dipole, 25m high HG4F: The contest activity was very nice. I worked with ICOM 7700 + OM 2500 HF (1.5 Kw) and KT34XA YAGI. Best 73/DX: Zoli HG4F HG5D: Rig: FT-2000 Ant: Vertical I0DBF: Only few QSO....This is my first experience, next contest my partecipation will be more large! Greetings from ROMA. I0DBF IK2AUK: Kenwood TS940SAT Ant: ECO 7+ vertical 40/80 IK2WXQ: IK2WXQ SOP ALL BAND LOW POWER CW - STRACHING FOR NEW CONTEST SEASON 73 AND GL. DE ALEX IK2WXQ TU IK3OII/QRP: RTX IC 703 5 WATTS ANT 3 EL YAGI 3 BAND DIPOLE 40/80 IK4OMU: My QRP setup was FT-817ND, less than 5 W output. Antenna were dipole for 40-80m bands and 3 elements Yagi for 10-15-20m bands. IK4QIB: I have participated in the HG contest for a few hours after many years of inactivity ', and' was very funny. thanks giancarlo - ik4qib IN3JRZ: Beatiful Contest but not there is not many partecipations. 73 IN3UFW: vy laud FT 817 5 watt Antenna Dinamica 2 element vy fantastic competition 73de in3ufw / qrp IQ2CU: TS-2000 ANT. 95 W ANT. MAGNETIC LOOP IT9BLB: I joined the contest just part-time on 15m. Difficult working HA-HG stations with good signals, anyway I was able to work all of the 20 counties: big fun! IT9NVA: nice contest. Good. Thanks to call me 73 IV3BCA: Bad propagation to alla band Yaesu FT 1000D - 100 watt Power out Antenna Mosley 20/15/10 meter - Dipole rigide 40 m - Dipole 80 m - 160 Tuning dipole 80 and power out 5 watt Operate 12 hours Vy 73 de IV3BCA Paolo Single operator alla mode low power Thanks IV3DRP: FT 817 ND 5W ant. G5RVjr IW0AEN: This is my first HA-DX contest. Compliments, very fun. IW0HQU: First time in the HA-DX Contest. A great experience. Many thanks to the organizers. See you the next year! Samir IW0HQU IZ1DGG: A little period at my disposal. IZ1MHY: Nice contest but short time in my side. See you next year.. IZ5BRW: Nice COntest! It was our first edition as MS MIX HP. Propagation was not very good due to poor conditions of SFI and K Index. We really enjoyed this contest, hoping to have a mid score! Hi! 73s see you next year. Rick - IZ5BRW Fabio - IZ5ILA JA0DVE: I enjoyed the contest. JA2KKA: RIG FT-757 100W OUTPUT ANT 14/21/28MHZ 3BAND TRAP VERTICAL ANT 7MHZ INV VEE 10MH JA3JM: RIG:IC-706 50W ANT:Vertical JA9CCG: I enjoyed the contest very much! JH5FTY: I enjoyed the contest. K3TW: "Running QRP in the contest." KC9URR: This is my first Hungarian contest, I am a new Ham. It was fun. I will try more contests. I'm sorry I gave out 001 each time as I did not understand the system. HA/KD0RYB: 73 es 88 LZ3ZQ: 73! GL MM0GPZ: Just decided to have a wee go as it sounded quite busy. CW only. N1NN: 6TH HUNGARIAN DX CONTEST N4BP: 2013 Hungarian DX Contest N8DE: POOR CONDITIONS, BUT GOOD OPERATORS. NL6904: Thank you for all activity OH7FF: IC735 50 W GP OK1AY: TS-480SAT FD4 OK1EV: TS850s,3el.yagi OK1FHI: FT2000 100W, Inv.V OK1FKD: Elecraft K2-5W;ant LW 42m OK1HFP: Kenwood TS570d ANT Double Zeppelin 2x36m,GP21m, Delta Loop 76m 9m UP OK1HX: TRX ICOM IC-735 PWR 100W OK1IBP: AGE 61 RIG(s): 100W; ANTENNA(s): OK1KZ: TRX FT-847 110W ANT Dipole G5RV OK1MZB: RIG(s): FT 897; ANTENNA(s): V 8 DX Delta OK1UKV: FT950 100W, LW 27m, UCXlog OK29329: GOOD CONTEST WITH MANY STATIONS. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 FRIENDS. OK2MBP: Tnx for nice contest 73 GL! Rig[s]IC-746; Antena[s] Windom FD5,Dipol 2x40m OK2NA: FT950 - inv.vee OK2QX: 3el tribander, 100 W from "K3". OK3C: ok2zc.blogspot.com OK5SA: Worked according the rules and the log is true. OK7CM: Trx Elecraft K3 10W, ant. dipole OM3BA: TCVR ICOM 735 out 80 Watts ANT Random wire + LC matchbox OM3CDN: Pause : 19.01.2013 - 12:00 - 16:00 , 17:26 - 20:04 20.01.2013 - 00:00 - 05:07 , 08:18 - 12:00 OM5XX: ANT: GP OM6AL: RIG(s): FT 2000 FT840; ANTENNA(s): OM7A: SOAB SSB HP ON5HY: Tu to all Om's for high cortesy ON5SE: I made contest for fun, i am a newcomer . ON5WL: Good contest with much activity. I was called by VK at sunday noon on 20 m. I enjoyed working the pile up in the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL OU2I: Rig: Elecraft K3 at 75 Watt Ant: 20mtr Longwire as Inverted-L OZ1DGQ: using fT897 + AT 897 Plus and output abt. 80W, antenna 5,5m wire on my balcony. OZ4CG: RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W), Antenna: G5RV OZ5UR: Rig: Icom IC-7400 Antennas: G5RV - Loop - Inv-L PA0EMO: Very nice contest. Good participation. Cu next year. PA0FAW: Nice contest, very good activity. Usually only enter contests to give away some points and it is good to have some activity. PA0RBA: 73 FROM HOLLAND PA0RBO: RIG: ELECRAFT K3, OUTPUT: 5 WATTS FOR ALL QSO'S. ANTENNA: 10/15M: 2-EL CUB.QUAD//20M: G.P.//40M: HOR.SQ.LOOP//80M: DIPOLE PA0WKI: nice contest PA1B: A fellow HAM fixed my inverted vee, that was damaged in a November storm. In all QSO's I used the lowest possible power with search and pouce. Had great fun with very low power